Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Best Birthday Present Ever

Did you know that seal’s can dance? Am not kidding, they team up, jump on one another and offer you an amusing show for you to enjoy (talk about the cheapest sea world show ever attended!). They’re backdrop? The rays of sunset and remarkably clear, glassy waters tonight brings. Occasionally, a whale or two will poke up (this time-from a distance!). I mused, am still not familiar with this scene of holistic immersion, being that intimate with the ocean is still to my eyes, intimidating.

It’s September 29th, we’ve just passed Point Arena, CA. We we’re in Fort Bragg, yesterday and the day before we we’re stationed in Eureka AND the day before THAT day before, it was, if you didn’t know (shame on you!) or care to know, the most important day of the year: MY BIRTHDAY. Yes siree, on September 26th I turned 27 year’s old to be exact. Needless to say, I was happily and gratefully spoiled rotten. I am so lucky. But back to the twister’s adventure’s if I must…

Well, dear comrades, the Twister’s arrived in Eureka the Tuesday prior and didn’t leave until the Saturday after, as a result, these tales will be firmly stranded on shore. As of now, we’ve met many sailboats heading south. I won’t lie, they’re mean age is 60 and mean boat size is 45 ft. Hum, let’s see, we’ve got a mean age of 30 and a 28 footer, (or overhearing the exact words of a 4 years old: “look! A baby sailboat!”). Dare I say, we are therefore set apart from our neighbor’s cigars, precious yacht and luxurious amenities. Bah! We’re young, active, knowledgeable (that would be Scott) and ignorant (that would be me). But in any case we’re quite likable and un-intimidating to other cruisers. Then it’s without surprise that we ended up in Max and Sandy’s modest VOLO’s. Both two endearing Australian who had not only good humor, good wine but also numerous tips and advise about boating. Having done a trip of 5 years around the world, and still boating around continents to this day, there is nothing they haven’t seen, no mistakes they haven’t done. It’s good to hear. We get caught up in that lil’ sausage of a boat and it shouldn’t be this hard, or is it? The best was when Sandy told me that on her first ever shift at sea she thought a submarine was ferociously coming out of the water straight at her, to find that, in the end, it was only the moon rising. At that moment, boy-oh-boy was a glad that my first night shift was moonless! : )

Other than our little get together, our week went by really fast. Eureka is known for its heritage house and design, some yoga (they have Bikram’s there!) and you can bet that surfing in Northern Californian rustic scenery was also in our agenda. But best of all, was just being in a real cities with “normal” people and not just fisherman’s (no offense!). What a delight to have nice, clean, no-nonsense shower/washrooms for a change. I was so relieved when I saw the Health Food Coop as big as Wal-Mart! I mean, there is so much cheese and cracker one can munch on, and shopping in overprized and undersized grubby convenient store as never been a hobby of mind. So Hallelujah! for large produce section and healthy deli counters. We did ended up staying in Eureka longer than we thought due to weather complications but we liked it there.

As we finally leave for San Francisco that Saturday, we are unaware that Scott will decide to turn the boat around at 7 am on Sunday morning because the wind are 20 knot, but South- hence right in front of us. We are bummed because we need to backtrack 20 miles to Fort Bragg, but at least we will get some rest. That morning, we can smell San Francisco at our doorstep. We decided to go for a quick walk and breaky It’s a 15 minute walk from the marina. Abruptly, some kind of mutt of a dog jumps onto the street. I just keep walking ignoring him, but Scott says: “Hi Doggy!”. The dog walks over tale in the air, with a fierce and vicious look in his eye. All of sudden Scott screams at the dog : NO! go back NOW! NO! GO AWAY! Oh man- now the dog is showing is teeth and while am ready to go run in the woods (I am such a girl!), I am certain this dog will bite Scott in the calves. But he didn’t… why, after NOT being eaten by a whale 30 (or more!) times this dogs size I should have known better. Phewf!

So you see, Scott and I don’t even need the high seas for it to be an adventure. Apparently, we are able to initiate our (and our family’s) fight or flight response even while having a lovely morning stroll- go figure. From here on out, I realize that there is nothing remotely material that could replace all the unique tale’s (good or bad), the interesting people we meet and the experience we are undergoing during this beautiful voyage. Not only that, but that I get to live all of them, everyday, with my most favorite person in the whole world- this is priceless and surely the best birthday present EVER.

p.s: PATIENCE… picture will come, promess! I might post some on facebook pretty soon to!! Til next time xoxo

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Hello Estell & Scott

Sailing in the Bay of San Francisco..how incredible that should be!!!!