Thursday, October 9, 2008

So long San Fransisco!

“Your smile is practically irrepressible today” said my horoscope. That’s right, I have had a bad hair day for approximately a month (not bringing a blow dryer on this trip was the biggest mistake of my life). But hey! It’s true, my smile as been pretty consistent since we cruised under the Golden Gate bridge. Oui, oui, you heard me well. We left Fort Bragg, did an overnighter, and when I woke up, you could barely see IT. The “it” being referred to as the all-time landmark of San Francisco and California itself: the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. It was a little victory for Scott and I, as San Francisco is a giant marker in our trip. If anything, we knew that, from then on, thing would and will get … warmer.

We spent the whole week in San Francisco. Who wouldn’t? The place is full of tourist (90% German’s I swear!!), full of hills, full of venue’s to attend- just full, full, full! The vicinity is booming, young, rich and fun. Its hills, cable cars, Fisherman’s Wharf and China Town are just a few bits and pieces of what makes San Francisco awesome. Scott went to surf with the big boys in Ocean Beach. I told myself I could have been more gutsy but I swallowed back my words when a saw a few grown up man twice my size not making it through the whitewash (at this point ,a newspaper and coffee was much more inviting). Later it was my turn to battle the unruly waves of Rockaway Beach in Pacifica. It’s a bit dispiriting; even after a year, I am still learning the thrill of surfing- paddling, not falling… you know, all that jazz ( oh man… at least I try!). Luckily my dignity was revived at yoga (where I know a bit more of what am doing!). I got taught by Mary Jarvis, one of the first Bikram followers, she utterly forbids water in the class- that might sound like nothing but when you’re sweating buckets you might just think she’s the devil!

On the week-end we had the pleasure to experience San Francisco’s never seen “LOVE FEST” ( du jamais-vu!). At noon on a Saturday, San Franciscan’s seemed under a fake drunken spell of eccentric costume, lingerie ‘a la Moulin Rouge’ and pre-Halloweenesque glory- all of this in the name of love (WOW!). Scott and I, perched on the top of a newspaper stand had prime seat as we were taking it all in; the silliness of this wild parade of sounds which featured the town’s best DJ’s. To top it all off, we attended a 49ers game. They lost, but who cares really when Scott was content enough eating a gigantic Bratwurst and I could almost see the delicious Tom Brady (will never beat Matt Damon - but at least this time it was the real thing and not a Coast Guard replica of it!).

On our departure, it was interesting to note that our previous excitement was nearly inexistent as we went under the Golden Gate Bridge again. We understood that it would be impossible to recreate the first feeling of triumph, the initial anticipation of conquest.

So long San Francisco! You were, if I say the least, utterly FANTASTIC.

p.s : Pictures are now posted on FACEBOOK!!!

p.p.s : I want to thanks all of you guys again for the lovely comments!!


Alexi said...

SF is awesome! I am so happy for you guys... Thank you for your post.

paul888 said...

Hello Estelle & Scott

The first feeling of triumph...these memories are priceless....they remind and help us to shape in the now every instant as a victory....