Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Cooler? Or a Bucket?

Most of us have things. Things lying in our house, things cram in the closets or even things crowded in our cars. Well, in a boat, there is none of that. It’s either you need it and or you don’t. Space is precious here, and after a month you realize what you REALLY need. By “really” I mean utterly, absolutely, entirely, for-sure, COMPLETELY need. So, we figure out that there were only about 3 things not needed on this boat; Scott’s drill (dunno a nail from a screw so that’s obviously not my fault!), a cooler (is empty and apparently ALWAYS in our way) and that black cute fancy black dress hanging at the dead end of the tiny weenie closet of ours (what was a thinking? Twister is obviously NOT a cruise ship!). Regardless of our little, but surprisingly cozy living arrangement, we have now drifted across many gorgeous Californians beach towns….

Starting from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay; at only 20 nautical miles away, it was an “easy, breezy” ride. Half Moon Bay is a typical touristy town, with friendly bus driver (he stopped for us in the middle of the highway!) and good surf (judge by you know who). The next day is off to the known to be “cool” Santa Cruz. Despite doing a great deal of long distance marathon walking (please understand that the boat is not towing a car), we had time to thoroughly visit the surrounding. We stayed longer than expected due to gale winds raging in the nearby water, but it didn’t matter. The marina was really clean, quiet and quaint. While Scott went to surf (even spotted some professional surfer) I went to do yoga (they have the funkiest and nicest studio here). By Saturday, it was just a little hop-over (20 miles) to Monterey, where we had awesome sail with gigantic swell. There, we met 3 fellow Canadian boats, all going South. As of yet, we are still the youngest and smallest boat doing this, but at least we are not alone. By the next day, we were once again ready to leave, for a longer, overnight trip, this time destination- Morro Bay.

The seas where supposed to be quite calm and steady but instead it is the rockiest it has been. The winds are pulling 25 knots at their peak. By now, we are used to sailing in strong wind but the shakiness makes everything awkward. It’s terrible; Scott is the most sea sick I have yet seen him. The sea can be traitorous like that sometime. As we are complaining about the bumpy and uncomfortable ride, a dolphin jumps out of the water. WoW! Then another and one more… There are 2 and sometime 3 jumping rhythmically with the boat; near the bow then near the berth. And suddenly, you realize there are at least 50 all around you! There are just like rockets, like a flash. Are we daydreaming? But no, it’s really happening, and happening so fast! And surely, as fast as they came, as promptly they are gone. Yeah- the sea can be quite glorious like that sometime.

It’s well past nine pm now. I am extending my shift for Scott to rest a tad more. There is nothing left in him. At midnight, we finally decide not to make the overnight and to anchor in San Simeon. It is a bright, almost full moon, and its brilliance is quite appreciated as we make our entrance into the Cove. The next morning, I inquire to my patient, will he survive? I sure think he manages to see the good side of things, when is answer: “Well, at least now that cooler finally served a purpose!”. (Hint: guess where is dinner went?) : ) hee!hee!

The sail from San Simeon to Morro Bay was calm and gorgeous. The Coast is obviously more desert-like now. The humongous Morro Rock on the entrance to the jetty is impressive (as well as the amount of bird pooh that rest on it). After some good taco’s Scott is right back to normal and even decides to go have a run ( that’s 100% recovery for you), while I tell him to just do that while I go have a nap!

As I write this we are in Port St. Luis Obispo. We’ve just arrived from a fine long hike to Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort where we indulged in some a Hot Springs baths that are situated outdoor on the edge of mountain nearby….Paradise! As I lay there, in sizzling, hot bath am thinking who knew a cooler would ever be THAT useful?!? Dang!

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